It was serendipity: Jute Easter eggs

14 Apr

So my morning began like most others: harass eldest child for 30 minutes until she is finally out the door, drop her off at school, race home, get other kid ready, run her to school, come home, pour coffee out of travel mug and into *regular* mug, sit down, turn on CNN, grab my laptop and check out what’s going down on Twitter…  But today was no ordinary day.  I didn’t know it yet, but I was about to be slapped by the back hand of serendipity….

Now let me explain.

When I go in my kitchen I can’t turn around without seeing this sight – I refer to it as the “craft counter”:

This is only the *half* of it 😦

It’s really bad.  Really…  But, for now, it’s the only large flat surface where I can stand and comfortably do crafts.  Anywho…  See those things in the middle?  Yeah, those egg things?  Well, several weeks ago (yes, several weeks ago) I decided I would do a project using these:

.96¢ at Wal*Mart...

I was going to paint them my favorite *non-colors* (lol) – cream and beige because, well, I don’t do *real* colors very well (no, not even for holidays lol).  I’ve painted plastic before with regular paint and it’s worked out okay (if the item was just going to sit somewhere unmoved/untouched).  Thus, I began….

Hmmm... how many coats is it gonna take...?

As I added on coats, I realized that the darn things were impossible to paint without touching them to something – my fingers, the counter, the other eggs – and each time they touched all the paint just scraped right off.  Yes, I knew I was painting plastic, but I just figured they were such small pieces and, knowing they wouldn’t be touched, I thought I would just slap some paint on ’em and they’d work out fine.

So totally wrong.

They ended up looking more like *hot mess* than *haute home*…

So I ended up throwing them in some bowl.

Where they sat.

For over 2 weeks.


I saw this post this morning from Jaime over at “that’s my letter”!

I immediately thought of my horrible little Easter egg painting project and dashed in to the kitchen.  And guess what I saw sitting there?  Let’s take a second look at the “craft counter” shall we?

That’s right, y’all!  Eggs and jute!  Just sittin’ there, side by side, as if to say (in a French accent, of course.  I don’t know why, but just… imagine…) “we’ve been waiting for you…”

And to further the weirdness of it all, the mini glue-gun I haven’t used since moving into this house 2 years ago?  Sitting right on top of a bunch of nonsense in the basement, along with glue sticks, in perfectly plain view – I didn’t even have to dig for it!

Apparently, the universe knew what I was going to be doing today, lol…  And I absolutely swear I didn’t set up that picture.  It just… was… serendipity.

And the result?  Amazing little jute wrapped Easter eggs!

Okay, so I don’t have any egg cups to show them off in, but I DO have a shot glass that will work fine!  Hahaha…

They know they're awesome. I think they're Vogueing...

It was SUCH an easy project!  And, at this point, because I had everything, it cost me ZERO (or .96¢ if you count the cost of the pack of plastic Easter eggs, which is the only item I bought specifically for my “egg” project).

I won’t bother with a tutorial because Jaime has a GREAT one on her blog, so go check it out NOW (she is actually wrapping papier mâché pears in her tutorial, which I think are pretty neat).

I love my little jute Easter eggs!

I put some of the eggs in a glass bubble vase on the entry table:


I put the rest of the eggs in a hurricane on the coffee table:


(Who would leave their remotes in a picture for their blog?  Well, me lol.  Because unfortunately I don’t live in a magazine, I live in a real house with real kids and dogs and t.v.’s with remotes…)

Anyway, hop on over to “that’s my letter” and learn how to make these cute little things!  Have you tried any other jute projects recently?  Share them with us!!

Until next time,

xx and oo’s


3 Responses to “It was serendipity: Jute Easter eggs”

  1. Mary April 14, 2011 at 7:20 PM #


  2. Jaime April 14, 2011 at 7:44 PM #

    Thanks Stephanie for the shout out and link ups. So glad you found a solution for your plastic eggs and I must say they look 100 times better wrapped in jute then painted. PS – I just posted jute mushrooms, not sure what I’ll jute up next, what out kids!

    • thediyprincess April 14, 2011 at 7:52 PM #

      lol… I always say if you stand still in my house long enough you just might get a coat of paint 🙂

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