Hi!  I’m Stephanie Cooper, a “30-something” (cough – not for long – cough, cough), solo mom of 2 amazing girls.  My little family and I moved to Nashville from Los Angeles two years ago for a *fresh start*, and I’ve been knee deep in paint, fabric and ideas ever since (oh yeah, and boxes – yeah, still!)

Prior to the move, my late husband and I worked in the music industry with some of the worlds biggest superstars.  We both had a blast, and made a decent living – one that afforded us a nice home with all the fixins’, you know: pool, view, etc., etc.  Even back then I was never afraid of paint and I love to sew (straight lines, of course lol), and enjoyed whipping up pillows, curtains, re-upholstering a chair seat – the simple stuff – or doing crafts here and there.  And I LOVED the process of decorating the homes we lived in.  Of course, we could afford to decorate those places.  My how times have changed….

In 2007 my husband passed away suddenly.  A year and a half later I was out of a job.

Much introspection led me to sell the house and move to Nashville.  Of course, not knowing I was going to lose my ass (financially speaking, of course), I bought a fixer-upper in Nashville before my home in L.A. sold.  The idea: I’d get the money out of the L.A. house and use it to fix up the Nashville house.  Easy-peasy, right?  Well, “best laid plans…”

Ask me about buying at the top of the market, and selling at the bottom.  But buy me a drink first…….

So, here I am.  Livin’ in Music City, trying to make a beautiful home with what feels like some paint and a couple pieces of string, lol.  Sure, I brought furniture from L.A., but it doesn’t work in this house, now, does it?  I can’t help it, I’m just a really aesthetic person.  I like to be surrounded by beautiful things, however (luckily), I’ve never subscribed to the idea that “beautiful” was necessarily synonymous with “expensive”.

Thus, if I can strip it, flip it, paint it, sew it, tack it, re-new/re-use/re-purpose… I most certainly will (if you stand still in my house long enough, I’ll paint you, too lol).

Incidentally, I am the creator of an organization called R.I.S.E. (which stands for Release, Inspiration, Strength, Evolution), which may seem a little far removed from this whole “DIY/Decorating thang”.  Yes and no.  You see, I’ve learned that in decorating, as in life, *necessity is the mother of REinvention* and I’ve found re-purposing things I own into things that I can use, getting my hands dirty, learning new things, looking at my failures as not failures but, rather, lessons and successfully meeting challenges I never thought I’d have to face, let alone complete successfully ALL fill my heart with new joy and reflect my personal evolution.

I’ll be using this blog to share my projects and ideas, as well as sharing other blogs/people/ideas that inspire me.  I hope that you find my projects and ideas neat/cool/fun/interesting/inspiring.  Please let me know what you think by commenting on the posts.  Ooh, and you can follow me on Twitter at @PrincessDIY


xx and oo’s


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