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Bargain orchids? Oh yeah!

25 Mar

Wednesday I tweeted about finding orchids at Kroger here in Nashville (Belle Meade location) for $9.99.

Yes, you heard that right: $9.99!!

Having moved here from California, it was startling to me to see how much orchids cost here, I assume they are priced so high because they aren’t grown here and have to be shipped in.  I’ve bought them at Whole Foods before, however, I still find theirs are priced fairly high as well (though, for the record, when I checked a local florist I almost fainted when they quoted me the price of $40 each stalk.  I was even more shocked as they carried on trying to  justify the price which, really, was going in one of my ears and out the other.  Anywho…).  Like my blog title says, I’ve got champagne taste on a beer budget, so I’ve kind of made a mission of finding reasonably priced, decent quality orchids.  And Kroger comes through every time.

I’ve bought orchids there many times now, and I’ve never been disappointed.  The most I’ve ever spent there was $14.99 and the orchids are usually either medium/large (not *giant*, but large enough), or medium double stalked.  I can always find plants with many unopened blooms, and have never had problems with blooms, um, blooming (is there anything more annoying than the unopened blooms dying and falling off the stalk?).

I was actually going to Kroger hoping the orchids would be $12.99, like they were the last time I bought one there.  Well, imagine my surprise when I saw the sign saying $9.99!  Yeah, they come in plastic pots, but you’re going to take them home and put them in your own fab containers anyway, right?  Here are some pics of the orchids I bought:

The stalk on the left is actually a lot longer than it looks in this pic (must tighten up my photog skills!)


This one is actually fairly tall, I got there early and had my pick!

This one is in the front entry. It's a tall single stalk with two branches. I've just completed a project in there I'll be posting soon (I'm still styling)!

I’m no expert, but take pretty decent care of my orchids – putting them in a bright room, but not in direct sunlight, and popping 2-3 ice cubes in the pot once per week during the winter – yep, that’s all the watering they need (you can over water them, which will shorten their bloom/life).  They’ve all lasted fairly well – I’m finding the blooms last 8-10 weeks.  Yes, they can live longer, but I don’t think a couple of weeks is enough to justify paying 2-3 times the price.  Just make sure that when you buy them they aren’t “blown” (all the flowers in bloom).

Quite frankly, though they look very impressive and elegant, they are one of the most cost effective flowers in my opinion, because they last so long, and they are much simpler than most people realize to take care of.

All this fabulousness.  And I got three for the price of (less than) one – YAY ME!

xx and oo’s

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