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Interiors I Love: “Wide open spaces” feature, House Beautiful April 2011

31 Mar

Designer: Myra Hoefer

All white walls and white (rafter exposed) ceilings.  Check.

Completely open floor plan.  Check.

Massive linen covered sofas.  (oooh!) Check.

Hulking, gi-normous iron orb chandelier over the dining table.  (aaah!) Check.

Beer can butterflies.  Check.

… wait, what?

Yeah, you read that right, beer can butterflies.

Because really, and my late husband would definitely agree with me on this, a house isn’t truly a home until discarded PBR cans have been integrated into the design.

And let me tell you, I gave out a little squeak when I saw them.  And then I straight up squealed when I saw they were made out of beer cans.  How can I be DOWN?!  Thanks to artist Paul Villinski my late love’s redneck fantasies and my quest for fabulosity have been brought together AT LAST!  I just wish he could have been here to see it.  Sigh…  But I digress

Designer Myra Hoefer has truly created one of those interiors that, when I saw it, made me want to go home and throw away everything I own.  Ev-er-y-thing.  But I managed to contain myself.  I just try to satisfy the urge by looking at the feature over and over and over and……

Anywho, to see this amazing home, pick up the April copy of House Beautiful (you won’t be disappointed).  In the mean time, Myra did have some pdf’s on her website, here are a few:



… And then, after a little snooping around, I found photos of Myra Hoefer’s shop in Sonoma:


Super-swoooooon!  If I ever find myself in Sonoma, I’m making a bee-line for that store.  In the mean time, you’ll find me roaming around Home Depot looking for just the right solution for hanging my upholstered jewelry hanger-thingy (“how-to” post coming in the next day or so… as soon as I can get the dang thang up on the wall haha).

xx and oo’s


Re-use, recycle: Our former living room lives on

30 Mar

It’s a rainy day here in Nashville, and after a long, colder than usual winter, I can’t help but think about California.  And oftentimes when I think about California, I think of the home we left behind there.

I had a love/hate relationship with that house.

Loved it because it really was beautiful, especially that view from the back yard!  We dreamed dreams of growing old in that house, having friends over for beers and bbqs, we talked about our kids having their friends over for swimming in the summer, and all the space we had there for lots of family visits.  So many wonderful thoughts and memories…

Hated it because it’s where our family lost the most.  Hated it because all of our dreams shriveled up and blew away while living in that house.  Hated it because my husband died while trying to get home to us in that house.  So much sorrow.  So much negativity and pain…

This rainy afternoon while looking at pictures on my computer, I came across photos of that house.  A friend of mine graciously  took photos of the house when I listed it for sale, so there are quite a few.  When I came across some pics of the living room, the thought occurred to me that although the living room in the new house is very different than the old house, all of the items from the old room live on – they’ve all been given a fresh role, or even completely reinvented and used in different places in the new house.  I kept staring at the picture of the old living room, pondering “where are they now”, trying to recall where all of those items that danced together nicely in our former home, are being used now.  And this is what I noted (you can click the pic to enlarge):

Photo: Jewell Green


Photo: Jewell Green



So there you have it.  I guess my furniture and accessories really are a reflection of me: all being given a second chance in a new place, learning to get along in their new surroundings.  We’re all experiencing a little… Evolution….

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this is what the living room looks like in our new house in Nashville.  It’s totally still a *work in progress* (I need to re-do those wing chairs, do something about that cabinet under the dining area window, I’d love to add some more seating, etc., etc…).  Although my style has definitely changed, as you can see I don’t tend to stray too far from beige lol (I love my calming neutrals!) and I’m happy to mix expensive with bargain basement in my home as easily as I will rock a Target blouse and a pair of Jimmy Choo’s….


Yes, that’s an Oly Studio “Pipa” bowl chandelier over the dining table – it’s one of my prized possessions 🙂  It was a big investment… well, for me… for a dang light lol, but I haven’t regretted it for a minute (I bought it from Jamie Beckwith of Beckwith Interiors here in Nashville).  The fittings were originally shiny brass though, so I sprayed them an oil rubbed bronze color to make it more in keeping with my decor.  The sofa is the Liam” by Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams.  I’ve paired it with a coffee table that is reminiscent of the Oly “Meri” table – only mine came from Z-Gallerie.  It was on clearance for $300, the manager agreed to knock 50% off THAT price.  Yep, I *stole* it for $150, and it’s smaller in scale, which I needed to fit the space.

The mirror and buffet were in the dining room at the old house, but this house has a smaller dining space than the last, so they have a new home in the living room. I think they work great there!  I bought the buffet at “Out of The Closet” in L.A. for $100.  When I got it home I saw that it was Drexel Heritage.  I love it when that happens!  I painted it white, and when we moved here I added those cool drapery tassels from West Elm – Voila!  The lamps, étagère and horse came from Home Goods (man, I LOVE that place!).  The horse was originally all one color – very light gray concrete.  I painted it to look like a vintage piece.  I broke the door off that big lantern, so I filled it with crystal and mercury glass taper holders with fab metallic tapers and still use it anyway!  Though, someone should probably climb in that picture and straighten up the candle that’s fallen over :-/

Anyway…  Until next time, you can find me in the basement slappin paint on somethin’ lol…

xx and oo’s




P.S.: Here’s that view I mentioned earlier from the back yard of the old house.  Ooh, and you can check out a snippet of my good friend Jewell Green’s work on her website:

Photo: Jewell Green


Photo: Jewell Green


My big, fat basement project

26 Mar

(cue “Halloween” theme music)

Many of you have one.

Some of you have tackled yours.

Some of you lock the door and refuse to “go down there“.

Some are dark and damp and smelly.

Some are full of junk, yesterday’s castoff’s…  Someone else’s long forgotten favorite toys/clothes/chair…

Yeah, I’m talking ’bout basements.

I have one.  And I’ve been battling it (off and on) since last November.

You see, I’m a project “starter”.  A great and heroic “leader” of the charge.  A natural delegator.  I’m not a good “closer”, finisher, wrapper-upper of things.  Especially tiresome, tedious things that require heavy lifting and smelly, shellac-based liquids…

Now I’m good at the follow through if it’s something I can finish in one fell swoop, as it were.  But things that require doing, waiting, then doing some more, you’ll often lose me during the “waiting” period – especially if there is more than one “waiting” period (do… wait… do… wait some more… do some more… wait – ooooh look at the pretty butterfliiiiies…..).

So that brings me back to my *big fat basement project*.

I’m blogging about it, honestly, in an attempt to actually try to stay on track with it.  I’ve now been working on it for 4 months and it’s nowhere neeear finished.  Hopefully by putting it all out here and posting about it regularly, bit by bit, it will keep me focused on actually completing the project, which is to be my new office space.  Not having it finished is keeping me from moving forward with other business projects, so, dragging my feet on this has really affected me beyond just the issue of *aesthetics* (which, trust me, is HUGE).

What have I actually managed to get done?

So far I’ve painted 7/8 of the floor.

Yeah, 7/8 lol.  Here’s why:

There was furniture downstairs there that was going to be moved upstairs in to the space that I was using as my office.  My office furniture would then be moved downstairs to the basement.  Unfortunately, there was no space in the office to have both sets of furniture, and, since my single car garage is choc-o-bloc full of, well, crap, the stuff couldn’t go out there, either.  So it had to stay down in the basement and get shuffled around as I tried to get the floor done.  The last little slice of floor that was holding the massive pile of furniture never got painted – even though I originally began painting the floor back in November and the furniture that was there was moved long ago now…

And floor painting was the first and most essential part of the project.  My basement had horrible blue and white vinyl flooring.  It was in good condition – no splits or lifting – but it was uuuuuugly!  New flooring wasn’t really in my budget – frankly re-doing the basement wasn’t in my budget lol – so I got resourceful and figured out how to paint it….

Here’s a photo of the basement “before”.  Note that this picture was from the previous home owners (I would NEVER put anything in my home with UT on it haha!).  Once I moved in it was just full of junk.  Unfortunately it’s the only photo I have and I had to pull it from a really bad PDF, but you can still see all of its ugly shining through lol….

So *not* fabulous 😦

I will tell you all about my adventures in floor painting in my next post (this one’s already too long).  And I will tell you all about counter painting… and cabinet refinishing… and free rugs (yep, I said FREE)… and carpet removal (yucky stair carpet!) and all of my other fun (and cheap!) DIY and decorating adventures in future posts.  Ooh, and tips and tricks are welcome and greatly ENCOURAGED (I’ll take all the help I can get)!

I’m looking forward to having you along on my journey to complete my *big fat basement project*!

xx and oo’s

Bargain orchids? Oh yeah!

25 Mar

Wednesday I tweeted about finding orchids at Kroger here in Nashville (Belle Meade location) for $9.99.

Yes, you heard that right: $9.99!!

Having moved here from California, it was startling to me to see how much orchids cost here, I assume they are priced so high because they aren’t grown here and have to be shipped in.  I’ve bought them at Whole Foods before, however, I still find theirs are priced fairly high as well (though, for the record, when I checked a local florist I almost fainted when they quoted me the price of $40 each stalk.  I was even more shocked as they carried on trying to  justify the price which, really, was going in one of my ears and out the other.  Anywho…).  Like my blog title says, I’ve got champagne taste on a beer budget, so I’ve kind of made a mission of finding reasonably priced, decent quality orchids.  And Kroger comes through every time.

I’ve bought orchids there many times now, and I’ve never been disappointed.  The most I’ve ever spent there was $14.99 and the orchids are usually either medium/large (not *giant*, but large enough), or medium double stalked.  I can always find plants with many unopened blooms, and have never had problems with blooms, um, blooming (is there anything more annoying than the unopened blooms dying and falling off the stalk?).

I was actually going to Kroger hoping the orchids would be $12.99, like they were the last time I bought one there.  Well, imagine my surprise when I saw the sign saying $9.99!  Yeah, they come in plastic pots, but you’re going to take them home and put them in your own fab containers anyway, right?  Here are some pics of the orchids I bought:

The stalk on the left is actually a lot longer than it looks in this pic (must tighten up my photog skills!)


This one is actually fairly tall, I got there early and had my pick!

This one is in the front entry. It's a tall single stalk with two branches. I've just completed a project in there I'll be posting soon (I'm still styling)!

I’m no expert, but take pretty decent care of my orchids – putting them in a bright room, but not in direct sunlight, and popping 2-3 ice cubes in the pot once per week during the winter – yep, that’s all the watering they need (you can over water them, which will shorten their bloom/life).  They’ve all lasted fairly well – I’m finding the blooms last 8-10 weeks.  Yes, they can live longer, but I don’t think a couple of weeks is enough to justify paying 2-3 times the price.  Just make sure that when you buy them they aren’t “blown” (all the flowers in bloom).

Quite frankly, though they look very impressive and elegant, they are one of the most cost effective flowers in my opinion, because they last so long, and they are much simpler than most people realize to take care of.

All this fabulousness.  And I got three for the price of (less than) one – YAY ME!

xx and oo’s

Interiors I love: Serendipity, Veranda April 2011

24 Mar
Designer: James Michael Howard

Designer: James Michael Howard


I am in love with this house.

The April 2011 edition of Veranda features “Serendipity”, a beautiful home in Vedra Beach, Florida.  James Michael Howard was the interior designer and he, along with the home’s owners, Robert and Sallie Hart, created beauty.

Unfortunately Veranda doesn’t feature any of its current issue photos on the web site (boo!) so, you’ll have to pick up a copy to see the fabulosity that is this home….

I wanna marry this house and have its babies.  Since I can’t do that (double boo!), I will go to James Michael Howard’s website and drool over the photos of his other interiors.

Mr. Howard, you are a man after my own heart.


Now, where did I lay that paint brush…….?

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