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Interiors I Love: “Wide open spaces” feature, House Beautiful April 2011

31 Mar

Designer: Myra Hoefer

All white walls and white (rafter exposed) ceilings.  Check.

Completely open floor plan.  Check.

Massive linen covered sofas.  (oooh!) Check.

Hulking, gi-normous iron orb chandelier over the dining table.  (aaah!) Check.

Beer can butterflies.  Check.

… wait, what?

Yeah, you read that right, beer can butterflies.

Because really, and my late husband would definitely agree with me on this, a house isn’t truly a home until discarded PBR cans have been integrated into the design.

And let me tell you, I gave out a little squeak when I saw them.  And then I straight up squealed when I saw they were made out of beer cans.  How can I be DOWN?!  Thanks to artist Paul Villinski my late love’s redneck fantasies and my quest for fabulosity have been brought together AT LAST!  I just wish he could have been here to see it.  Sigh…  But I digress

Designer Myra Hoefer has truly created one of those interiors that, when I saw it, made me want to go home and throw away everything I own.  Ev-er-y-thing.  But I managed to contain myself.  I just try to satisfy the urge by looking at the feature over and over and over and……

Anywho, to see this amazing home, pick up the April copy of House Beautiful (you won’t be disappointed).  In the mean time, Myra did have some pdf’s on her website, here are a few:



… And then, after a little snooping around, I found photos of Myra Hoefer’s shop in Sonoma:


Super-swoooooon!  If I ever find myself in Sonoma, I’m making a bee-line for that store.  In the mean time, you’ll find me roaming around Home Depot looking for just the right solution for hanging my upholstered jewelry hanger-thingy (“how-to” post coming in the next day or so… as soon as I can get the dang thang up on the wall haha).

xx and oo’s

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