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Quick-change before and after: Reused *shabby chic* chair

12 Apr

I was digging around in the garage (which is about all you can do in my garage… oy vey), and liberated this old chair that I’d, quit frankly, completely forgotten about.  I decided it would make a good little piece for my oldest daughter’s room… after a little TLC, of course.

I’ve had this chair for ages – maybe 8 years or so.  I originally purchased it at the Fairfax H.S. Flea Market, on Melrose & Fairfax in Los Angeles.  Ahhh… I sure do miss that flea market.  Loads of great stuff… Sigh… But I digress…….

It’s been re-covered I-don’t-know-how-many times.  And because I’m fairly lazy, I’ve never removed a single upholstery layer.  One day someone will find it and have a complete history on the *evolution of a chair* lol….

Anyway, it started out looking like this:

It got nekkid so it could get a little fresh paint (to get rid of the chipped/sanded edges. Also, I wanted a flat finish).  I used some flat white paint that was just *chillin* in the hall closet (don’t act like you don’t have cans of paint in almost every color layin’ around because I know you do…):

I found some great linen fabric with a large purple pattern, perfect for my daughter’s room, at Calico Corners.  Yeah, I know: expensive.  But I’m really limited here in Nashville for fabric of any kind, especially of the bargain variety – I sure do miss the garment district Downtown LA  😦

Anyway, I only needed one yard, so I parted with my $17 dollars plus tax. – and this was the marked-down price, all in the name of great home decor.  I actually still have enough left over to make a nice pillow for her daybed as well.  Which I’m sure I’ll get to… Eventually….

SO, with a newly covered seat and fresh paint…. ta-dah:

It took me about 25 minutes.  Including painting the chair.  Of course, I had to let the paint dry, in between, but that’s about the amount of time I spent “hands on” with this.  It was well worth it, and now her friends will have a place to sit in her room above the sea of clothes lol… Teenagers……..

One more time:





Tackled a chair quick change recently?  Share it below!

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